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Comments by: YACCS

Monday, September 30
I'm confused about something.

We've got folks in government saying we're moving too fast on Iraq, that we need to stop and talk things over.

But.. we've been at an essential standstill for 11 years. ELEVEN.

Eleven years during which Saddam's pushed the limits of the sanctions, blocked inspectors, starved his people for good photo ops, and built palaces. And has tried to get materials for nuclear and bio WMD.

So we should... wait further?

I find it puzzling.


Sunday, September 29

Saturday, September 28 - Uranium seized in Turkey, U.S. in consultations - Sep. 28, 2002
ISTANBUL, Turkey (CNN) -- Turkish officials said Saturday they have seized 34.6 pounds of uranium and arrested two Turkish men in Urfa, a town in southeastern Turkey. U.S. officials are in touch with authorities to get information about the seizure.
Okay, what was this about there being no way for Saddam to get the materials for a nuke?

Way to go, Turks!


Did you know that Saudi Arabia revoked Osama bin Laden’s citizenship in 1994? Through you will learn how Saudi Arabia has helped in the war against terrorism, as well as other important facts about the Kingdom and its diplomatic relations with the United States.

Enter your email address to learn more about Saudi Arabia’s efforts to fight terrorism and to receive other unfiltered information about the Kingdom.
Good heavens. Popup Spam for Saudi Arabia.

A while back, they tried a $5 million campaign to boost their image in the US. Then they fired their advertizing company, and found a new one - and I guess this is the result.


Thursday, September 26
As the party scrambles to recover from its worst mistake since the Hillary Clinton health-care fiasco of 1994, Bush, Saddam and the Democrats are locked in an interesting triangle where the actions of each affect the other.

Can the Democrats reposition themselves before November? Not with Gore around. Anyway, the very nature of the congressional debate that will absorb the nation's attention in the weeks before the voting will make it very difficult.

Day after day, Republicans will rise to defend action against Iraq and Democrats will express doubts. Driven by the wails of their liberal constituents, the likes of liberal Reps. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) and Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) will raise objections and reinforce the concerns of voters about Democrats' willingness to back action against Saddam.
The Democrats think it's still business as usual in Washington.

It's not. The population is actually paying attention to what's going on - which is something that the Democrats DO NOT want to see.

J. - Daily Dish
Oh, man. I think the Democratic Party's killing themselves. When they're going so far that they make ACT-UP folks nervous, they're doing something wrong - seriously wrong.

Gore, and Daschle... who will be next to step up for the Democratic Party? Whoever it is better try persuasion through logic instead of appealing to emotions. We're burned out on that tactic.


Thursday, September 19
While some members of Congress questioned President Bush's request to use "all means" necessary to disarm Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, U.N. weapons inspectors announced they will send an advance team to Baghdad, assuming Iraq cooperates, by October 15. The inspectors hope to have logistics worked out to begin inspections in six months.

Worked out in SIX MONTHS?!?

Hell, just contact the army bases in Kuwait! Call in the Air Force from Qatar.

Six months to work out the logistics - that's just plain... UN Diplomacy.

(Yes, I'm disgusted by this. Can you tell? Six months. Sheesh.)


Monday, September 16
Pravda.RU 200 Soviet nukes lost in Ukraine

Pyotr Simonenko, the leader of the Ukrainian Communist Party released a sensational statement on Wednesday. In his words, there were 2400 nuclear warheads in Ukraine, although the export of only 2200 of them was officially documented. Simonenko claimed that nobody knows where 200 Soviet-era nukes in Ukraine are.

Well, doesn't THAT just warm the cockels of your heart?

One good thing, without maintenance they're so many alpha-emitting chunks of metal. I understand that the electronics need to be swapped out regularly and also decay products build up in the uranium and plutonium itself, severely reducing output. More of a fizzle instead of a bang...

Let's hope we don't find out. (And, of course, this comes from Pravda. That makes it - to me, at least - suspect.)


As I posted on Little Green Footballs - lgf: All I Want For Christmas
If I were Bush, and Saddam were to say "We're letting inspectors back in" - I'd have a C-5 full on the way to Kuwait by morning. No negotiations, no face-saving - just load up a bunch of lightly armored hummers and some Bradleys, and a couple of HEMTT tankers - and let the Iraqis know that there is NO place in Iraq they can't enter and inspect - even the bathrooms in Saddams' palaces.
Firing on them, blocking them, keeping them from entering any suspicious area would be frowned upon severely and immediately, with JDAMs.
But then, after 11 years I'm just about flat out of patience with diplomatic junk. It's long past time he learned that UN Resolutions have teeth - and are enforceable.


Sunday, September 15
From the Portugese Express - EXPRESSO online - Home
Bush reserva espaço aéreo no Atlântico

OS ESTADOS Unidos reservaram, nas últimas 24 horas, 20 corredores aéreos sobre o Atlântico, alguns deles com descida para a Base das Lajes. Segundo fonte do controlo aéreo açoriano, os norte-americanos têm habitualmente reservados quatro corredores. No actual quadro político-militar, analistas militares consultados pelo EXPRESSO entendem que esta atitude só pode ter um motivo: a movimentação de grandes quantidades quer de material ligeiro, que só pode ser transportado de avião, quer de pessoal militar, para a zona do Golfo.
Well, THAT makes me think that thing are going to be getting much more interesting. It's amazing what you can find on the Internet...


Oh - wait. Let me put up the translation for you...

Bush reserves airspace in the Atlantic

The United States had reserved, in last the 24 hours, 20 aerial corridors on the Atlantic, some of them with descending for the Base of the Flagstone. According to source of the açoriano aerial control, the North Americans have habitually reserved four corridors. In the current picture politician-military man, military analysts consulted by the EXPRESS understand that this attitude alone can have a reason: the movement of great amounts wants of fast material, that only can be carried from airplane, wants of military staff, for the zone of the Gulf.

Link courtesy of Daily Pundit, and AltaVista - World - BabelFish Translation Services.

From a normal 4 to 20 air lanes reserved. Start the preflights, boys - it's time to haul some cargo...


Clear Guidance Threads
When will USA and Europe become Muslim?
I mean the majority Muslim, so that Shariah can be introduced.
The Islamokiddies on have blocked their site to the casual observer. Gee - wonder why?

However, a mole is taking the threads and replies - and posting them here. It's... instructive.

I won't pull anything else from it here. Read it for yourself.


While publicly he maintains an air of mystery when asked about his political future, former Vice President Al Gore has quietly made a decision whether to once again make a run for the White House, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Gore from Tennessee has confided in his very top aides that he's determined to give it another try!

"We've got ourselves a rematch!" one well-placed source, with direct ties to Gore, said from Washington.

"Tipper's onboard. She is behind the decision 100%. Clearly the party is ready, and will rally behind him. It owes him," said the source, who recently spent an evening with the former candidate. "It even rhymes, 'GORE IN '04!'"
Ha-ha-ha-ha-... HA-ha-ah-ha... Stop, you're killing me!

Someone whack him with a clue-stick! GORE - NO MORE, IN '04!

Sheesh - buddy. Get a job already...


Saturday, September 14 - Arab leaders appeal to Iraq to allow inspectors back - September 14, 2002
NEW YORK (CNN) -- Two days after President Bush called on the United Nations to ensure Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction, a group of Arab leaders has appealed to Iraq to allow U.N. weapons inspectors to return.
The Arab League unanimously issued the appeal Saturday, said Amre Moussa, the group's secretary-general.
Hmmm. "Shit, or get off the pot" Bush says, and it looks like some folks are reaching for the toilet paper.

J. - Smallpox Vaccine
WASHINGTON — Smallpox vaccine would be offered first to hospital emergency workers and slowly extended to other doctors, nurses, police and, eventually, the general public, under a Bush administration plan in the final stages of development.
Would you take it? Should you take it?

Me - I would. And likely will have to. Hey, I just got a tetanus/diptheria booster and a yellow fever shot (and was my arm sore for a couple of days) but I consider it a little price to pay.

Consider a flu shot. Then consider what the flu is like. Not a mild case, but a gut-wrenching, heaving, 'don't know which end to hand over the toilet' case. I've been there, had that - I'll take the flu shot any day of the week.


Friday, September 13
WorldNetDaily: Pilots' group decries missile deployment
The head of an airline pilots' organization pressing for legislation to allow guns in the cockpits of commercial airliners has criticized the Bush administration's decision to deploy air-defense missiles and fighters over Washington, D.C., during the Sept. 11 commemoration – ready to shoot down any passenger jets that were hijacked.
Further on, they say:

""The administration policy to destroy a hijacked airliner while denying the pilots firearms with which to defend the airliner needs a closer look," Price said. "Missiles can only be used to destroy an airliner that has been hijacked by terrorists, and all on board will most certainly die.

"The concept of arming pilots with firearms to prevent or stop a hijacking is viewed by some as an extreme and intrusive measure, but we think they've got it exactly backwards," he continued. "The policy of sacrificing a civilian airliner with innocent Americans on board to keep terrorists from using it as a weapon – while at the same time refusing to allow the pilots an opportunity to offer a last resort, final line of defense – is the extremist view that should be ridiculed and dismissed."

So - it's better to destroy an airliner, than arm the pilots? You know, I just don't get that logic...


No --- they didn’t attack America because of our support for Israel, just as they don’t love us because we have committed U.S. troops to battle three times in the past 12 years; in Kuwait, Somalia and Kosovo, to protect Muslims. They attacked America because America is the prime and glaring example of the very human values that spell certain doom to their dream of Islamic world domination. America was targeted because we’re free and because we repeatedly show that we can change our own leadership without violence, without bloodshed and turmoil. Leadership changes make the mullahs nervous. America was targeted because we are a nation that demonstrates, day after day, how many different religions; Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism; can live and prosper together. We were targeted because we have shown the world that a rule of law, not the mindless and cruel dictates of a religious cult, can protect the peace and ensure the harmony of people of all faiths living together in liberty. We were targeted, and we remain a target, because we’ve been on a roll for over 400 years and still haven’t reached our peak --- while Islam reached its cultural dominance 500 years ago and it’s been pretty much been rocketing down a mud slide to hell since then.
Neil Boortz: The man doesn't mince words, does he?

J. - Man in terror scare says woman is lying - September 13, 2002
Gheith has a bushy black beard and was wearing traditional Muslim headgear. "She saw obviously the way I was dressed, and maybe she put a little salt and pepper in her story," he said.
Asked about his "suggestion" that the woman might have lied, he said, "I'm not suggesting, I'm telling you she's flat-out lying."
Of course, if they WERE pulling her leg, they'd hardly admit it - would they?

"Damn, yeah, we figured we'd string her along. Didn't figure she'd go and call the cops on us, though! Doesn't she have a sense of humor?"

Oh, yeah. They'd do that... It's so funny, you see.


So with that, I introduce to you, a new website I have created, and which is currently in extremely crude form: Adopt-A-Bomb. Perhaps for pennies a day, you too could adopt a thermobaric weapon, or even a Daisycutter. Based on the amount you give, you would be able to receive a picture and file discussing your adopted munition in detail. You could even get your name or message inscribed on your adopted bomb before it is dropped in the search for Islamofascists and/or Republican Guard contingents.
Ah, I just LOVE the Internet! (grin)

Got any cute JDAMs on file?


Wednesday, September 11
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Moon opens for business
The first private Moon landing has finally been given the green light by the US Government.
TransOrbital of California has become the first private company in the history of spaceflight to gain approval from the US authorities to explore, photograph and land on the moon.
The US State Department and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have granted it permission to send its TrailBlazer spacecraft into lunar orbit.
Wahoo! Back to the moon - only twenty+ years later...

About time...

WASHINGTON — Soon after President Bush travels to the U.N. to lay out the case for ousting Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, elements of U.S. Central Command headquarters will begin moving from Tampa, Fla., to an air base in Qatar, highly placed U.S. military sources told Fox News.
Whoo, boy. It's getting closer....


Portal Of Evil Forums
Some people are too stupid to live - Atomic Train Wreck
I've arrived! I've been dissed by... Uh... Well...

Well, I don't know who, actually. Or particularly care. In any case, I've been labeled with "Some people are too stupid to live!" Whee-hee, thanks for the reference and the hits, guys! Talk about a spike in the number of visitors!

Why am I too stupid to live? Apparently the referenced forum above has a peculiar hatred for a strip called "Unicorn Jelly". They don't like the subject, they don't like the artist's style, they don't like her sexual preferences, they just don't LIKE, is what it is. Hey, it's a free net.

What they took a dislike to on my site, apparently, is/was a post I did in June, about something that struck me on the Unicorn Jelly web site.


Every so often I find things on the web that stop and make me think. Rarely, however, do I find things like this - a simple rephrasing, a redefinition of a word - that strikes me like a velvet-wrapped eight lb. sledgehammer.

Consider the word "Victory". What does it mean to you? I would imagine there's about as many conceptual definitions as there are folks out there reading this. But in this case, in this cartoon sequence, a dying fighter realizes that...

"Victory has nothing to do with killing or with dying. It is the creation of a better future."

And it's true.

The future is what we all try to create - a future where, for example, my son will be able to grow tall and strong and healthy and free. For someone else, the desired future for their child is to be a martyr - they can imagine no higher calling than for their child to explode themselves and take some enemies with them."
But the kids at Portal of Evil don't seem to get it. Hey, their privelege.

Maybe some day - they will.


From Electrolite:
"For a Westerner to trash Western culture is like criticizing our nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere on the grounds that it sometimes gets windy, and besides, Jupiter's is much prettier. You may not realize its advantages until you're trying to breathe liquid methane."
(--Neal Stephenson)

I'm a fuzzy-headed warm-hearted liberal, and I think fuzzy-headed warm-hearted liberalism is an ideological stance that needs defending--if necessary, with a hob-nailed boot-kick to the bollocks of budding totalitarianism."
(--Charles Stross)

"Just because you're on their side doesn't mean they're on your side."
(--Teresa Nielsen Hayden)


From Sgt. Stryker's blog...

On War, Continued...

As I stated in my previous post, I've come to the conclusion that Al Qaeda and OBL are not as crazy as I thought. Within their worldview, they reached a conclusion, that war with the United States is winnable. Their attitude is eerily reminiscent of the Japanese prior to Pearl Harbor.

The Japanese viewed the West as soft, decadent, and unwilling to sacrifice. In contrast, the superior Japanese spirit and willingness to die for the Emperor would overcome any material discrepancy. The idea that America was unwilling to accept large numbers of casualties was so engrained into the Imperial High Command's thinking, that it became a major strategic element of Japanese war planning. The plan was simple enough, conquer the needed territories and then fortify. When the American counterattack came, it would expend itself on the Japanese "barrier." Once the Allies exhausted themselves, Japan could negotiate a peace to keep the conquests.

That was the Japanese plan, but the reality of war was bad for them, and in 1944 the War in the Pacific went from bad to worse. Yet, in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary, the Japanese refused to modify their beliefs and continued to seek the one decisive battle where the superior Japanese fighting spirit would emerge victorious. Viewing the situation from within the Imperial High Command's worldview, what better way to capitalize on that superiority than the kamikaze, the original suicide bomber?

Fortunately for America and the world, our parents and grandparents proved them wrong; that the love for freedom surpassed the love for Buicks, Hollywood, and flush toilets.

But my parents' generation did not have to deal with some of the issues that face us today. In 1942 my parents didn't need to worry about the likes of Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, Maureen Dowd, et al. Unlike the pre-War America First Committee, this crowd refuses to put America First. Political expediency, the preservation of their political power, and pride take precedence over national security. How else can one explain their attitudes on patriotism?

There is nothing more American than the right to criticize the Government. Jokes at the expense of Congress and bureaucrats are a national pastime seconded only by lawyer jokes. During World War II the government came under major criticism in the press when it was discovered that the Army's Sherman tank was at a severe disadvantage against German tanks and weaponry. Today I find all sorts of fault with the government, and GWB's handling of the War: airport insecurity, failure to clean house at the FBI, CIA and State, failure to expand the military, and so on. None of these criticisms are un-American, in fact they are uniquely very American, and I give thanks to those who have died to make it so.

With that said, I've come to the conclusion that criticism and worry over the rationale, reasons, evidence, justification, casualties, civilians, etc., over the war and it execution is un-American and provides aid and comfort to our enemies. All this wobbliness gives hope to Al Qaeda that they just have to outlast us; just like the North Vietnamese did, and like the Japanese hoped. So, when reminiscences of the good ol'days of the 60's protest movement are waxed whimsically, remember, the North Vietnamese War Plan for victory was based on outlasting American resolve, and the protesters gave them hope - so much hope that during one of the lowest points of the war for the NVA (at the conclusion of the disastrous Tet Offensive), anti-war protests gave them hope that they just had to hang on a little longer.

The reality is that the United States did not lose the Vietnam War anymore than it lost the Philippines War to the Japan in 1942. Vietnam should be viewed in the larger context of the Cold War. The United States fought the battle for Vietnam against Soviet Union surrogates, and lost, and the people of that poor country are paying for our lack of resolve. For those who feel the Vietnamese are better off because the Communists won I have but two words, South Korea. (And if you dispute that, then enjoy the treats the Easter Bunny leaves you, because I don't believe any fact-based discussion will make any impact on a delusional belief system.)

Victory for Al Qaeda and the Islamofascists can happen only if we allow it. And the more we provide them reason to fight, the more we reinforce the notion that they only need to ambush a battalion of Marines for us to call it quits. Each and every time we decide to accept a small retreat, it validates their plan, gives them hope, and extends the struggle. After all, didn't killing a bunch of Marines in Lebanon cause us to turn tail and run? Didn't shooting down a helicopter in Somalia and killing a few soldiers run us out? Didn't the SCUD attack on the barracks in Saudi Arabia cause us to stop Gulf War I after 100 hours, preventing the capture of Baghdad? Oh, let's not forget the Desert one fiasco. With that background, America's inaction after the first attack on the WTC, the Khobar Towers, the Embassy bombings, and the USS Cole, just validated their belief that we were soft and impotent, ripe for the knockout blow.

The attacks of September 11th should have made it strikingly obvious. Unfortunately there are those who wish to think otherwise, for to admit the truth is to admit their failing and risk losing that which is most precious to them, political power. As the President said last year, "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." Or, to paraphrase George Orwell, "This is elementary common sense. If you hamper the war effort of one side you automatically help out that of the other."

"We have become too civilized to grasp the obvious. For the truth is very simple. To survive you often have to fight, and to fight you have to dirty yourself. War is evil, and it is often the lesser evil." - George Orwell

As I said before, criticism has its place; many have given their lives for that right. But just because we can doesn't mean anything goes. Criticisms that undermine our resolve do not make us stronger by showing the terrorist our willingness to debate; they give them the hope they need to continue their struggle. Another Orwell quote, "The quickest way to end a war is to lose it." We're not like Britain in the 30's; there's no America to bail us out if we screw up. Al Qaeda and the Islamofascists cannot win this war, but we can sure lose it. The only way that can happen is if we, as a nation, waver in our resolve, and allow the Ostrich-pundits to confuse and befuddle for their own selfish reasons. Now is the time to put all the silliness about justification, the Arab street, & UN approval to attack regimes, nations, individuals, and organizations that have declared, applauded, provided comfort for, given refuge to, or conducted evil against us.

The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle, anywhere, anytime, and with utter recklessness. - Robert A. Heinlein

Ours is the greatest Nation on earth, EVER! It's about time we started behaving like it and started living up to the example Todd Beamer and the others on Flight 93 provided that fateful day one year ago...



Tuesday, September 10
Yahoo! News - Yoko Ono Pleads 'Give Peace a Chance' on 9/11
Yoko Ono Tuesday pleaded with the world to "Give Peace A Chance" with the release on the MTV music channel of a short film to mark the first anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

John Lennon's widow said in a statement: "Let's create peace, unity and light. I think John's words are needed just as much now as when they were written -- 'Imagine all the people living in peace' and 'Give Peace A Chance."'
You know, I find it hard to imagine how we can 'give peace a chance' - [rant]BECAUSE WE WEREN'T THE AGRESSORS IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE!!! [/rant]

This has me so mad that I'm darn near speechless. It seems to have completely escaped a lot of people that SOMEONE ELSE is not willing to give peace a chance. I don't know why - unless it's a mass unwillingness to think that it could possibly be something other than the U.S.'s fault.


2002 GA Primary Race Results - FOX5 News - WAGA Atlanta
Precincts Reporting: 22 of 23 96%

JOHN NOEL 2,471 - 61%

BILLY MCKINNEY (Incumbent) 1,562 - 39%
I voted Democratic today, when I saw McKinney's name on the sample ballot. And then, I guess, I was outside the 44th District, because this particular race wasn't on the ballot.

Well, foo. I tried! (grin)

As Heinlein said - there may not be anyone or any issues you want to vote FOR, but there's usually someone or some issue you want to vote AGAINST. And in this case, against Billy McKinney.

Bu-bye, Billy... And don't bother dropping the race card on your way out...


Sunday, September 8
And just for grins (again) - here's a link to Saudi Arabia energy oil information and to the OPEC Revenues Fact Sheet. Interesting stuff. Actually, it looks like Saudi is hurting already, according to this article: Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - The relaxed life is slowly vanishing in Saudi Arabia.

Which begs the question - why would they, in their export of Wahabbism, want to alienate the folks they desperately need money from? If the US should fall, (which it won't) there goes their oil revenue. If Al Quaeda gets traced back to SA, I'd be surprised if they'd think that 'Business As Usual' will be the order of the day.

Then again - who knows?


Russia Sees U.S. As New Market For Oil Reserves (
Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham echoed that view during a recent visit here to promote cooperation. "Russia will play a pivotal role in ensuring global energy security," he said, adding that "the more diverse the sources of energy are, the less likely it is that disruption on one part of the planet will interrupt supplies."

Some oil executives here estimate that Russia, which currently supplies virtually no oil to the United States, could soon provide as much as 1 million barrels a day, or nearly 10 percent of U.S. imports, replacing most of Saudi Arabia's supplies if necessary. As Russia's surging oil industry recovers from its post-Soviet hangover, it has now surpassed Saudi Arabia in oil production.

No one is more enthusiastic about the prospect than Mikhail Khodorkovsky, head of Yukos, Russia's second-largest oil company. As he studies the situation, he does the math of international crisis out loud and figures the United States could survive with its own oil reserves and Russian help.
It's kind of odd to think that Russia would end up providing so much to the US. Even odder is some of their thinking - that it's in return for the Lend-Lease program in the '40s.

Man, the world's turned upside down since the '70s...


On a different tack, ever wonder about the orbital paths of "geosynchronus" vs "geostationary" satellites?

Here's a graphic showing the orbital paths for the XM Radio and Sirius satellites. Very neat...

Also, here is another site that will give you a view of the earth from any satellite that's currently up, from the XM sats to little quickmoving GPSers... Makes me think the orbital environment is crowded indeed.



Saturday, September 7
Yahoo! News - Radical UK Muslims to Rally on September 11
Entitled "A Towering Day in History," the conference will be held at London's Finsbury Park Mosque, home to firebrand cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri and previously visited by terror suspects, including Zacarias Moussaoui, an alleged conspirator in the attacks.
Masri is due to deliver a speech in the evening entitled: "The U.S. conspiracy against Islam and Muslims," while al-Muhajiroun founder Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed will speak on "The positive outcomes of September 11."
The Sunday Mirror newspaper quoted Syrian-born Bakri as saying there were 70 positive outcomes from September 11. "Muslims now know who the enemy is," he said. "It is now black and white."
Bakri denied the meeting would be a celebration of the attacks. "We are not celebrating the deaths of these people," he was quoted as saying. "We regret their deaths as we regret the deaths of all innocent people."
The Sunday Mirror said he would use the conference to warn Prime Minister Tony Blair ( news - web sites) that Britain faces terror attacks if war is declared on Iraq.
Positive outcomes, eh? 70 of them?

Muslims now know who the enemy is? By declaring us your enemy, you're setting yourself up as ours.

Remember, buddy boy, one of Murphy's laws of war:

Tracers work both ways.

And you're firing a lot of bright ones.


Tuwaitha - Iraq Special Weapons Facilities
Tuwaitha Nuclear Center
33°12'30"N 44°31'30"E
Some of the buildings at Tuwaitha that were associated with Iraq's clandestine nuclear weapons program at the time of the Gulf War in 1991 have been destroyed and not reconstructed. Other buildings that were associated with the pre-Gulf War nuclear weapons program remain in active use, though the current activities at these buildings cannot be verified with satellite imagery.
There are no secrets from the eyes in the sky.

In one of the pictures on this page, it's easy to see buildings that were destroyed during GW1 - and not rebuilt. Wonder if they're too hot to touch, or what?


Disarm Iraq Quickly, Bush to Urge U.N. (
In his U.N. speech, officials said, Bush plans to present the threat from Iraqi chemical, biological and eventually nuclear weapons in its starkest terms, and to try to shift the responsibility for dealing with Iraq from Washington to the world. He will say the time for dealing with the threat is limited. To those who have demanded a "smoking gun," said one senior official, "the answer is: 'By the time you see the evidence, it's too late.' "
Forgive me if I'm wrong here, but if there's a smoking gun, doesn't that mean someone's dead?

It's rather like a policeman saying "Well, I see you've got a gun, and you've got it pointed at the head of that person you're holding. But I can't do a THING until you actually pull the trigger."

Can you imagine such a scenario?

J. | News | Dave Barry column
In the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln was essentially trying to answer a question. The question was: How do you honor your heroes? Lincoln's answer was: You can't. No speech you give, no monument you erect, will be worthy of them, of their sacrifice. The best you can do is remember the cause they died for, finish the job they started.

Of course the passengers and crew on Flight 93, when they set out from Newark that morning, had no cause in common. They were people on a plane bound from Newark to San Francisco. Some were going home, some traveling on business, some on vacation.

People on a plane.

Which makes it all the more astonishing, what they did.
David Barry is a humorist. His columns are (to me) often side-splittingly hilarious.

This one isn't.


ONE: A Space Odyssey
Heh. 2001 - Lego style. Enjoy!


Iraq daily Newspaper
Ever wondered just what the really hot scientific accomplishments and topics are in the Middle East these days?

Take a look. But don't expect much.


Independent News
Weeks before the terrorist attacks on 11 September, the United States and the United Nations ignored warnings from a secret Taliban emissary that Osama bin Laden was planning a huge attack on American soil.

The warnings were delivered by an aide of Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil, the Taliban Foreign Minister at the time, who was known to be deeply unhappy with the foreign militants in Afghanistan, including Arabs.
Mr Muttawakil, now in American custody, believed the Taliban's protection of Mr bin Laden and the other al-Qa'ida militants would lead to nothing less than the destruction of Afghanistan by the US military. He told his aide: "The guests are going to destroy the guesthouse."
The minister then ordered him to alert the US and the UN about what was going to happen.

But in a massive failure of intelligence, the message was disregarded because of what sources describe as "warning fatigue". At the same time, the FBI and the CIA failed to take seriously warnings that Islamic fundamentalist students had enrolled in flight schools across the US.
Warning fatigue. Remember the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"? That's pretty much what happened, wasn't it?


Shi'a Network International: News & Updates
In an effort to calm Egyptian protesters, President Hosni Mubarak said in a speech that he had received assurances from Bush that civilian casualties in Afghanistan would be kept to a minimum. He also linked the U.S.-led war on terrorism to the Israel-Palestinian issue, saying its resolution "has great importance in the efforts to eradicate the roots of terrorism."

Several nations expressed doubts over the wide-ranging campaign, termed a second Cold War by U.S. officials.

A top military official in Vietnam predicted the military effort will not subdue bin Laden or the Taliban. "I support the fight against terror, but not by ... resorting to war, because it is the civilians who will suffer the most," said Van Tien Dung, one of his nation's top generals in the Vietnam War.

North Korea, another communist country, said the retaliation against Afghanistan's government could "plunge the world into the holocaust of war."

Some Arab and Muslim leaders warned the United States against widening the attacks on Afghanistan, saying any strike on an Arab nation would be "unacceptable" and "have serious consequences."
Oh, this was from 9 October, if it matters.


Automotive News - What's good for the country...
When GM’s sales execs huddled after Sept. 11, they knew what the No. 1 automaker had to do. They didn’t know how well it would work, or the benefits to the economy and GM a year later.
Big business is evil, right? Well, what if the actions of one evil maker of those filthy, terrible polluting automobiles managed to stave off a deep recession, possibly a depression?

There were two ways they could have gone post 9/11. And they chose...


Thursday, September 5 - Arabic network claims taped 9/11 confessions - September 5, 2002
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) -- The Arabic television news network Al-Jazeera said Thursday it has taped confessions of two al Qaeda members claiming responsibility for the September 11 attacks on behalf of Osama bin Laden's terror group.
Al-Jazeera said the men, both of whom are wanted by the U.S. government, spell out how they planned and executed the attacks. It said it would play their statements next week as part of a documentary it is airing.
Well, it's nice to have confirmation - even if a bit late in the game...

Part of the new intelligence on Iraq gathered by the Bush administration to present to Congress includes additional information on how dangerously close Saddam Hussein has come to developing a nuclear weapon, Fox News has learned.

Other sources told Fox News that, in addition, there is new intelligence that Saddam has developed new means to deliver chemical and biological weapons and finally that there is intelligence information indicating that Saddam's regime has been in contact with Al Qaeda before and after the 9/11 terror attacks.
Ah, crap. Wonder when Stop-Loss is going to start again?


Sand in the Gears - Archives
Quote of the week: "Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock." (Will Rogers)
I think the rock is ready...


Wednesday, September 4
Pristine summer day explodes in chaos - 9/11/01
NEW YORK -- Shortly before 8 a.m. Tuesday, American Airlines Flight 11 left Boston for Los Angeles. It would not reach its destination.
Something happened shortly after takeoff. A hijacking. And instead of climbing well aloft and heading west, the plane swept to the south, to New York.
Clyde Ebanks, vice-president of an insurance company, was at a meeting on the 103rd floor of the South Tower of the World Trade Center when his boss said, "Look at that!"
He turned and through a window saw a plane go by and hit the other building.
It was 8:50 a.m.
Remember this.

Here is a slideshow from that morning. It's a long download.

Now, the question that's almost contantly asked is 'Why?" And there's two ways to answer that. One is that we weren't targeted because our ME policies are unjust, but because we were the biggest, most attractive target around, and they HAD to target us. They used us like a kleenex after a good sneeze, and with as little thought to results.The other is that we were targeted because Radical Islam sees us as a fatal threat to their dreams of worldwide shari'a.

Which we are.


The Angry Clam
"The California Patriot, our sister organization, have people from the Chancellor's and ASUC's office on tape during an interview today saying that The Star Spangled Banner is divisive, and that red white and blue ribbons that were planned to be passed out will be replaced with white ribbons- because red white and blue is offensive."
(Shakes head.) Berkeley - what is it, the water?